Our Team

Executive Team 2023/2024 Jordyn Smereka, Mariam Arain, Calyca Greenwald, Lauren Rutherford, Yonus Shaik, Abhyuday Dubey, Shozab Naqvi, Missy Peters

Meet the 2023/2024 Executive Team!

Calyca Greenwald

Marketing major and President of Enactus, has transformed the club from two to nearly 50 members in her one-year tenure, aligning with Enactus Canada's goals. Beyond leadership, she is an avid traveler, outdoors enthusiast, and actively developing her own business. With a positive and proactive approach to life, Calyca's dedication to marketing, leadership, and personal growth makes her a valuable asset to Enactus and future endeavors.

Yonus Shaik

BBA General & Entrepreneurship major, serves as the VP Operations for Enactus. Actively contributing to the organization's success, he organizes impactful events, fundraisers, and projects aligned with Enactus's goals. Yonus is a vibrant individual with a passion for life, diverse interests, and a global perspective. Inspired by Rumi's words, he emphasizes personal growth. In 2023, Yonus has traveled to 15 countries and 25 cities, broadening his horizons. His commitment to entrepreneurship and diverse skills makes him a valuable asset to any organization.

Abhyuday Dubey

Accounting major, serves as Enactus's VP Finance, overseeing budgets and contributing to strategic plans. He's impacted the clubs financial operations. An enthusiast of documents and Coldplay, with a lingusitic versatitlity in four languages, Abhyuday's commitment to finance and diverse skills make him a valuable asset to Enactus, contributing to the club's overall success.

Missy Peters

Human Resources Management major, is a dynamic Enactus leader with roles such as HR VP Executive and Project Manager. Since joining in May 2023, she's shown passion for HR and project management, overseeing HR administration and leading projects like Re-Colour. With over five years of healthcare experience, she brings depth to her profile and enjoys outdoor activities, painting, movies, and volunteering. For inquiries, contact her at hr@enactusnait.com or recolour@enactusnait.com. Missy's diverse skills make her a valuable asset.

Lauren Rutherford

A dedicated Marketing major in Enactus, excels as Events and Fundraising Coordinator and Project Manager. With two years of commitment, she organizes impactful events and spearheads the Case Competition project. Lauren enjoys playing the guitar and values quality time with friends and family. Contact her at Casecomp@enactusnait.ca. Lauren's passion for marketing and commitment to positive change make her an exceptional asset.

Jordyn Smereka

Jordyn Smereka, a devoted Finance major in Enactus, excels as the Social Media Coordinator, contributing to marketing efforts since February 2023. Jordyn enjoys an active lifestyle, with running and workouts, and values time with friends. Her favorite artist is Taylor Swift, reflecting her appreciation for music. Despite being allergic to the cold, Jordyn's transformative Enactus journey has seen her forge meaningful connections and embrace diverse experiences. Contact her at Jpsmereka@hotmail.com; her dedication to finance, active lifestyle, and social media makes her a valuable asset to Enactus.

Mariam Arain

A dedicated Marketing major, excels as the Marketing and Design Director at Enactus NAIT since September 2023. In her multifaceted role, Mariam strategically develops and executes marketing initiatives, maintains brand integrity, manages social media, and designs promotional materials. Mariam enjoys various interests, including learning languages, cooking, drawing, and gaming. Her accomplishments include securing 3rd place in a Case Competition. Mariam's commitment to marketing, design, and diverse interests positions her as a highly valuable asset to Enactus. Contact her at marketing@enactusnait.com.

Shozab Naqvi

A dedicated HR professional, serves as an HR Coordinator at Enactus since September 2023, contributing to seamless onboarding and team activities. Shozab is passionate about sports, particularly hockey and soccer, both as a spectator and participant. His favorite artist is Future, and he values networking for personal and professional growth. Quotes from Cristiano Ronaldo inspire him, reflecting his resilient mindset. Shozab, with a remarkable hockey background, is committed to human resources, making him a valuable asset. Contact him at Shozab.haider@hotmail.com.

Keven Mcghan

Management instructor and faculty advisor for Enactus, brings over 10 years of enduring dedication to the organization. Keven finds fulfillment in outdoor activities and appreciates soulful music, with "Slow Gin" by Joe Bonamassa as his favorite. His open-minded and adaptable approach led him serendipitously to Enactus, where his commitment and management expertise contribute to the organization's success. Contact him at Kevenm@nait.ca for inquiries. Keven's long-standing support ensures Enactus continues to thrive.