Project Harmony

What is Harmony?

The HARMONY project is a collaboration with the local not-for-profit organization AMSA (Art Mentorship Society of Alberta) and has the goal to expose youth to mental health resources and increase overall mental health awareness in youth. Project HARMONY has a double meaning with literal meaning of bringing harmony to Edmonton youth and the acronym’s meaning standing for Healing Artists Resiliency and Mentality Opportunities Naturally in Youth.

The main goal of this project is to provide youth, and at-risk youth, the tools to be aware of their mental health and community resources. By using art as a medium we allow individuals to share their love for creation while also healing and promoting the importance of caring for one’s mental health. With this project we are addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; (3) Good Health and Well-Being, (4) Quality Education, and (17) Developing Partnerships for the Goals.

To achieve these goals, in partnership with AMSA, we at Project HARMONY have created the Art and Wellness magazine. Our art-focused mental health magazine includes testimonies from community members, spotlights on local Edmonton murals and artists, as well as tips from professionals on the topic of managing mental health. The Art and Wellness magazine strives to be a useful tool for youth in crisis or those who are struggling with their mental well-being. With the content in the magazine, we aspire to lower the economic and social barriers discouraging youth from accessing mental health resources and provide them with the information to help build their mental resilience.

The unprecedented Covid-19 Pandemic halted delivery of the art program as well as delaying the physical distribution of our first magazine. Even with the delay, we continued with the project and as of October 2020 have now printed and distributed 700 copies of the Art and Wellness Magazine, with plans to initiate the art program sometime in 2021.

Project Leadership

Shannon Morgan

Project Manager

Nemrah Latif

Project Coordinator

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