Project Jal

What is Jal?

Project Jal focuses on water insecurity in India with a goal of asset-based community knowledge transfer to an impoverished community where we will train individuals in entrepreneurial skills. The goal is to develop a sustainable business, where individuals from one community will sell and maintain water filtration systems to a secondary community. The aim is to provide income to those entrepreneurs as well as reducing health adversities to those purchasing the water filtration units by converting contaminated water to potable.

The project is organized in 2021 under both Enactus Nait and Capstone with Keven McGhan operating as educational advisor.

Educate selected entrepreneurs on potable water filtration systems within extreme poverty areas of New Delhi, India and implement asset based community development business model.

Collaborate with a local potter to provide water filtration systems to local entrepreneurs.
Train local women entrepreneurial skills to sell and maintain water filtrations systems.

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