Project PIVOT

What is PIVOT?

An initiative started in 2016, PIVOT was created to educate youth in the Edmonton area on Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship. We realized there were many programs already in existence to achieve this goal, so we partnered with Junior Achievement Northern Alberta and NWT to facilitate their company program on campus at NAIT’s Mawji Centre for New Venture and Student Entrepreneurship.

Upon commencing this partnership, we realized an opportunity to take the project one step further. Teachers who ran the Company Program at their schools indicated a need for more assistance with program specifics and various business concepts. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our team will only be able to host a company virtually – should the program begin in 2021.

Seeing the impact our project was having in our community, the Youth Engagement Coordinator for the Department of Student Advising and Information Services at NAIT contacted us to facilitate sessions during their youth summer camps. Unfortunately, the summer camps were cancelled due to Covid-19. Despite this challenge, we are continuing to work with NAIT and actively develop virtual entrepreneurial content for  youth engagement during the summer. 

During Covid-19 the project faced many challenges, including adapting to doing everything online and learning to use different software applications. Our team was able to pivot and adapt to these changes quickly, and as a result we successfully launched a virtual entrepreneurship week for highschool students. We received amazing feedback and are using our pilot to develop more content.

We plan on impacting MORE students virtually. The goal is to deliver effective content helping students learn about social entrepreneurship to solve problems that we face today. Project PIVOT hopes to impact more individuals by expanding and growing into a business in the future.

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