Project Re-Colour

What is Re-Colour?

Re-Colour is an innovative solution to reduce waste, provide art supplies to children, and teach the next generation ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

NAIT has partnered with the Enactus University of Saskatchewan team who initially started this project. In partnership with Montana’s. Each Enactus club collects crayons that would be otherwise discarded within their city. Between our partnerships and household donations, we have diverted 10,000 crayons from landfills and created Re-Colour kits, including new upcycled crayons with fun shapes like dinosaurs, hearts, and more. The Re-Colour crayon kits have recently hit the shelves of a local retail store, The Better Good, in Saskatoon, SK.

As a non-profit organization, any proceeds are reinvested in the project to donate more Re-Colour kits to inner city schools, daycares, and women and children crisis shelters in Saskatoon. While donating the kits we educate the youth and the general public on the importance of environmental intervention to protect the earth we all inhabit!

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