Here at Enactus NAIT, we value the diversity within our school. Within our polytechnic, we have so much knowledge to offer and we are striving to work together to create value and innovation in our community.  We work hard to find solutions that can have the most practical and comprehensive reach. Our team is open to all NAIT students including business, renewable energy, waste and water management, culinary, and engineering; to name a few. This open approach gives our Enactus team a wide range of knowledge and skills while ensuring our projects are practical and sustainable. Enactus connects, us through the motivation to make a lasting impact and a positive change in our communities. Enactus NAIT is so much more than a student club; for many of its member’s it has become a second family where our ideas and passion grow to better the lives of others. NAIT offers us the opportunity to have practical, hands-on learning experiences and we, in turn, want to provide the same opportunities to the communities we impact.



Taylor Rutowski


Kalysa Hickok

Executive Administrator

Jonah Tetz

VP Operations

John Yuag

VP Marketing

Alex Kagel

VP External